French Program

At Heritage, we are very proud to offer our students a post-immersion French Mother Tongue program while still receiving their education in English.

This program is offered in both cycles and adopts the same curriculum introduced in Québec francophone schools. Cycle one students have the opportunity to have their Science & Technology and Social Science courses entirely in French in order to increase their linguistic knowledge.

For the students following the General program, 3 levels of French are being offered. 

  1. French Mother Tongue
  2. French Enriched
  3. French Regular

In the Concentration programs, please note that only the French Enriched level is available to all the students as part of their academic portion of the program.

In the International Baccalaureate middle years program, 2 cohorts exist at each grade level. One follows the French enriched level and the other follows the French Mother Tongue level (Français langue maternelle).