Photos / Videos 2015-2016

May 31st / June 2nd 2016, CFER Olympiades (Lennoxville, Qc.) 

What a great year!  After finishing 16th overall in our first year, we reached the 7th position on our second presence to this annual competition.  We are aiming for 1st place in 2016-2017!  

Great occasion for Malik and Mr. Bélanger, two football fans (and also player and coach of HRHS Huskies Flag-Football team!) to watch a bit of the Montréal Alouettes Training Camp!  

Our Trivia Team (Génie en Herbe) did amazing, finishing first of their first round pool and going to semi-finals!  

Our Sports Team, going to the finals and finishing 4th overall!  

The Filiault's, representing CFER Heritage during the Manual Skills!  Good job guys!  

Yanick and Josh, making the crowd laugh during Caravan Presentation!  

Our team ready for the Fancy Diner!  Thanks again to CFER Network for this amazing three days!  

Host of the closing ceremony, Mr. Bélanger and André-Anne from CFER des Premières Seigneuries, taking a selfie with the crowd and the winners of Caravan, CFER de Beauce!  

May 2016, we visited "L'Autre Montréal", an AMAZING tour in which you discover Montréal by the different waves of immigration.



April 2016, Mr. Taylor showing how to dismantle Vacuum Switches and working with our boys!  

April 2016, our hockey team is getting ready for Défi Sportif 2016!

April 2016, Sabrina in her stage at SociéThé et Café in Beloeil!  

April 2016, Basketball Practice for Défi Sportif!  

March 17th 2016, St-Patrick's day, but also first real spring day and a shipping from Bell!  

CFER's favorite Irish teacher, Ms. Baldock, with our two experts in metal deilivery to Fer et Métaux St-Hubert, Arthur and Kyle!  

Sam and Michael learning how to do bundles of cables!


March 16th 2016, Mr. Bélanger had the chance to go deliver containers with Jonathan, in stage at CB Transport!  Amazing day!  

We are so proud of Jonathan!!!  


March 15th 2016, Cooking Activity, Trinidad's DELICIOUS food with Ms. Francois!  


March 14th 2016, Congratulations to Malik James, playing for HRHS Juvy Basketball Team, winners of the last tournament of the season!  


February 18th 2016, HRHS Academics Awards


February 17th 2016, 1st Year Celebration

On February 3rd 2015, we received our 1st Bell Container.  A year later, it is time to look back at the amazing work that was done since!  


January 2016, Forklift Certification


January 2016, Visit of Pointe-à-Callières Museum


December 2015, Second Edition of our Mini-Olympiades!



December 2015, HRHS Christmas Baskets

HRHS Community was again incredibly generous, and CFER staff and students packed the boxes before the deliveries!


December 2015, Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 

Our students were asked what concerned them when learning about Canadian First Nations history and culture.

They decided to send their message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


December 2015, Visit of Montreal's Holocaust Museum


November 2015, HRHS Graduation Pictures!!!  


November 2015, Visit of "Les Couloirs de la Violence Amoureuse" 

Activity to sensitize our students on healthy relationships


November 2015, Mr. Roache's Greenhouse project


October 30th 2015, Mini-Olympiades (and Halloween!)

Trivia Competition!

Caravan Competition!

Manual Skills Competition!

Sports Competition!


Our Winning Team!


October 21th 2015, Visiting Bell Facilities to talk about CFER, Pointe-Claire (Qc.)


October 20th 2015, Stage Visit at C.B. Transport


October 16th 2015, Mock Election (Canadian Election)


September 8th and 9th 2015, Paiting / Renovation of the Work Skills class


Summer 2015

Our Bell business stayed open for the summer!  We had the privilege to hire 4 of our students to work all summer!  


CFER Daily Activities