Alternative Program

- Heritage Regional High School is proud to host a Work-Oriented Training Path, also known as WOTP.

Our program is separated into two streams: 

  • Semiskilled (1 year program, Sec. 2 academics, students that achieved grade 6 competencies but not Cycle 1 of secondary)
  • CFER (3 year program, Modified program, students that did not achieved grade 6 competencies and Cycle 1 of secondary)

Our Semiskilled and CFER year 3 students complete stages outside of the school in businesses within our community.  The goal of our program is to learn and grow through real life experiences. 

- HRHS also offers a 15+ program for any students struggling to complete their Cycle 2 Year 1 academic requirements.  In addition, the program is geared towards the acquisition of skills for vocational trades.