E.g., 11/22/2017


Basketball Scorekeepers by D. Languay

The Midget and Juvenile Boys Basketball teams are in need of scorekeepers for their games. We will be holding an information and training session for anyone interested in helping out on Tuesday, Nov. 28th at 12:30 in the Gym area. This is a great opportunity to get involved in school life or to fill some Service & Action hours if you are in IB. For more information please see Mr. Languay in the senior staff room.


PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA by Nicaragua Trip fundraiser


for a TWOONIE!!!!

After school today at  door B and C.


House Points Pyjama Day by N. Turriff

HR Reps- be sure to bring down your papers to the Main Foyer during homeroom today. Let us know how many people are wearing PJs in your homeroom.

Homeroom Rep Duties by N. Turriff

Do not forget to count the number of people in your hoemroom that are dressed up for pyjama day today. Bring your sheets down to the main foyer before the end of homeroom. Will Balto move ahead?

Citrus Drive by C. Martin

The Oranges and Grapefruit are scheduled to arrive next Monday, November 27th. 

They can be picked up at the main entrance starting at 4:15 and until 7:00 p.m.

If you sold citrus please inform your customers that they can be picked up next week, Monday, Tuesday and at the latest Wednesday; November 27-29th.  4:15 - 7:00 p.m.

Customers who haven't paid must bring cash (no cheques).

If you didn't order and are still interested, let us know.  I will add your name to the waiting list.


Da Bomb Full Cast Meeting by Mrs. Small & Ms. Craig

There will be a full cast meeting for Da Bomb today in the auditorium at 12:30. All cast and crew must be present including FAF and IB students. 

IB Service & Action reminder by A. Cavaliere

GET INVOLVED & HAVE FUN TOO!  Volunteers needed throughout the holiday season here  at HRHS and in your communities. Reminder to drop in to A232 on Mondays from 12:30 - 1:00 to get an activity approved or if you need help finding one. Let us match you with your ideal volunteer activity!


Reminder to see  Ms. Cavaliere  today if you want feedback on Criteria B before you begin creating your design product. 

Holiday Hope Volunteers by N. Turriff

Any students wanting to help out with the Holiday Hope Campaign are asked to come to the main foyer to sign up at lunch TODAY and NEXT TUESDAY. We need students to be available in the morning to gather donations, some at lunch to pack donations and some at the end of the month to organise all the boxes. We also would need help with the advertising. Thanks for the help!


Student Life Members, Fantasmos and Golden Phoenixes - I need your help by N. Turriff

The Citrus will be arriving on Nov. 27th . On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school, parents will be arriving to pick up their citrus between 4:15 and 7. The parents may need help carrying the boxes to their cars.  We need volunteers, please.  Come by the Main Foyer at lunch today to sign up with me. Thanks!