Photos/Videos 2018-2019


December 2019

To celebrate the last day before the Christmas break, students and teachers enjoyed each other's company over pizza and bowling.

November 2018

Our students were given a chance to ask important questions to former CFER students about life after high school and CFER. Thanks to the former students for giving their time.

Couple of very proud students with their first pallet Christmas tree. Great job :)

October 2018

Our students have a such a great time dressing up for Halloween. Here are the 2018 version of our students costumes.

After a hard week of work in the workshops, the students and teachers celebrate with a Subway lunch. Yummy!!!

Our students love to participate in the Heritage house activities. Here are three decorating our homeroom's pumpkin. GO KOLYMA!!!

CFER Heritage's 2018 Terry Fox Participants. Beautiful weather for a wonderful day.

September 2018

Icecream after a hot week.

The 2018-2019 CFER polos for all.

 The Welcome Back Breakfast is a wonderful yearly tradition. A great way to start of the year for teachers and students alike.