Photos/Videos 2016-2017

April 2017

Congratulations to Corey and Maleek, in Dorval to present a Recycling Caravan!  

Finally!  Spring and some (...) nice days!  24 degres for a Bell Container, fantastic!  : )

Nice temperature also gives us the chance to practice our kids on the machinery!  Congratulations Eric, you are a great Bobcat driver!  

In the heart of our students, April = Défi Sportif Alter Go!  The event, that is taking a lot more media space in Québec every year, brings a lot of pride to our students!  

Special thank you to Eric Beaudoin, the organizer of the event for Heritage Regional High School!   

February / Mars 2017


January 2017

Nikita teaching Mr. Cook how to wrap a Bell bundle of cables!  Good job!  

Hard work!  Kyle dismantling a washing machine, dirty job!  

Sunny winter morning!  Cold temperature is always better with a good team... 

Workshop on robotics in Lévis (Qc.), training provided by students from CFER de Bellechasse.  On this pic: Nao the Robot, Guillaume from CFER de Bellechasse, Mr. Bélanger and Ms. Boudreau from CFER Heritage, and Ms. Bremner from CFER Lasalle.  Every occasion to collaborate with CFER Network is priceless!!!    

December 2016

Trivia game staff vs. students before the holidays 

Christmas Diner, organized by our students!  Great food, amazing fun time during lunchtime!

Hard working crew in the factory, rain or shiny, snow or wind!  Proud to be working with such a good group of kids

French lesson with Mr. Bélanger

November 2016

November 1st and 2nd, Pumpkin Drive!  Thanks to HRHS, RSB and St-Hubert communities, we were able to compost 1000 pounds of pumpkins!  1000 pounds of material away from the landfill is always positive!  

And it is good food for Big Bertha!  

October 2016

On October 17th and 18th, we visited Bell facilities of Pointe-Claire and St-Jérôme to sensitize employees on recycling and environment!  What goes in the CFER container and what goes in the garbage?  

We are building mini-composters for teachers and community interest in bringing more food for Big Bertha!  

We are training more students to drive our machinery!  Congratulations to Avery, Miguel, Dylan, Eric, Matthew and Nikita!  

September 2016

Preperation for HRHS Open House!  Everybody wants to make the factory shine for this evening, so much proud from our students!  

Matthew preparing an activity for the School Based Ped Day!  Kolyma should get extra points for that...  

Avery and Ms. Amy, making delicious Steak and Cheese Sanwiches!  Avery is a real cook, working as a Chef outside of school's hours!    

"The Eagles", winning team of the 1st Mini-Olympiades of the year!  

Our new students learning dismantling in the factory!  

We are happy to announce that every single students of CFER Heritage will have an IPad to work with in class!