Photos / Videos

Heritage Regional High School Graduation, June 2015

Congratulations to our 1st CFER graduates!  : ) 

Video of our recycling facilities by Ms. Boudreau's team! 


June 10th and 11th 2015, end of the year trip, Arundel Science Center (Qc.)  

Great sleepover trip, in which students learned a lot about nature and wilderness survival!  

June 2nd to June 4th 2015, CFER Olympiades!  

Fantastic experience, 8 students from CFER Heritage represented us at the annual Olympiades Réussite Jeunesse at Bishop's University, in Lennoxville (Qc).  

Getting ready for Oral Expression competition...  

Kim and Yanick, "Bon Cop Bad Cop", talking environment!  

Génie en Herbe (trivia), Heritage winning againt Lasalle!  

Girls getting ready to represent and support CFER Heritage!

Attitude.  CFER Heritage Rocks.

Sports competition, getting ready!

Nikita for long-distance running, première épreuve!  

Alex, running and squating medecine ball, deuxième épreuve!

Dylan, running and throwing in the "washer" game, troisième épreuve!  

Jonathan, way too powerful for a medecine ball, quatrième épreuve!  

Yanick, long-distance running, cinquième et dernière épreuve!  

Jonathan and Dylan performing at the manual skill competition!  Good job guys!!!  

Prettiest CFER of the entire province of Québec, going to the fancy "banquet".  : )  

Benoît, with is diploma for student with the best attitude, Kim, MVP for CFER Heritage in 2015 Olympiades and Jonathan, with is diploma for the most perseverance demonstrated.  

May 27th 2015

Thanks to Mr. Roache, our students had the chance to go for a complete Kickboxing / MMA training at Crow Training Center in Montreal with the famous UFC fighter, David L'Oiseau!!!  

May 26th 2015

Beautiful day to practice our forklift / Bobcat drivers!  

May 1st 2015

Hockey competition at Défi Sportif, HRHS being represented by a team with a majority of CFER students!  Let's go Huskies!  

Supporting fellow Huskies at the swimming competition!  

Bronze Medal Winners, Division A : )  Congrats Huskies!!!  

April 28th 2015

Day 1 for Heritage at Défi Sportif 2015.  Soccer competition!  More pictures to come, but Olivier from CFER had the chances to take a picture with Etienne Boulay, Grey Cup Winner, Ex-Montreal Alouettes Player and TV Host!  : )  













April 2nd 2015

Riverside School Board Director General, Mr. Sylvain Racette, visited our facilities and worked with our students!

Thanks to Jordan Swift for the video and to Robert O'Toole for the pictures!  : )  












 March 2015

Learning oil change with Mr. Adams! 

Bell Container on a beautiful spring day!  

February 3rd 2015

Important date in CFER Heritage history, 1st shipment of a Bell Container!!!  : )  

Two of hour most trustworthy workers, the Jonathan's, and the two Program Coordinators, Ms. Baldock and Mr. Bélanger!  

January 2015

Thanks to a donation from IKEA, our students have been able to build and deliver more than 130 IKEA shelves to HRHS teachers!  

December 2014

Christmas lunch at Boston Pizza!  : )  

December 2014

Visit at the J.A. Bombardier Museum and the BRP factory!  No pictures from the factory visits, as is it confidential industrial secrets!  

November 2014

This phone booth is 60 years old, and after a strong debate in class, we decided to keep it as a symbol for our business!  

Special thanks to Yanick Lavoie for the cool picture!  : ) 

October 2014

Apple picking at Verger Danielle, Rougement (Qc)!  


May 2014

Our stagiaire, Qadr Spooner, made an interesting artistic project with our students for his final stage at Vanier College.  

April 2014

Défi Sportif, Centre Claude-Robillard (Montréal)

February 2014

ASP Construction class (12 students have been certified for their CSST cards)